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Wall of Love

Share your testimonials on a dedicated page

Updated over a week ago

You can share your testimonials collected by RateHighly (or from another source) on RateHighly's Wall of Love.

Example Wall of Love

Create a wall of love

To create a wall of love go to Testimonials > Wall of love and click Create new wall.

Once you have created the wall you can add testimonials to the wall.

While in draft you can preview the wall. Click the Publish wall slider to set the wall live so anyone can see it. You wall will be available at a URL like

Embed the wall of love on your site

You can add your wall of love to your website. Just click Copy embed code. Don't forget to publish your wall before you embed it, otherwise no testimonials will show up on your site.

Wall limits

There are no limits! You can make as many walls as you like and there are no limits to the number of testimonials you add to the wall.

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